Custom Insulated Jackets

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Terms and Conditions
30-day money-back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 Business Days


1. Pick garment style(s):

  • For jackets and pants, we recommend the “B600” series. For GS and DH suits, we recommend the BXR 13&16 and BXR 23&26 (FIS) and BXR 63&66 (non-FIS) all digital print.

  • These are fully digital printed garments, which means any color and graphic design can be made - no limitations.

  • Since the garments are digitally printed, there is no worry about fabric colors going away. The Pantone colors can be reproduced indefinitely.

  • Reorders are easy since your graphic designs will always be on file with the factory.

2. Come up with graphic designs.

Our art department can assist with this process, or we can provide templates for your own graphics designer to work with. Logos in Vector format are required (PDF, for example).

Once the design proofs are set and approved by you, we can move on to the next step - selecting sizes.

3. Sizing determination:

For large teams, the best way to handle this is for you to purchase a size run of jackets and pants, made with your approved graphic design (a sample collection), which will become permanent samples for team members to try on and determine the best fit. We offer a discounted price for samples. Not every size is needed. Even though adult sizes range from XXS -XXXL, and kids 140-170, you could pick adult XS, M & XL, and kids 150 & 170. Those 5 sample sizes along with the sizing chart should make it easy to fit.

For example:, If the XS is too small, and the M is too big, then size S would fit.

Down the road, by having samples readily available, new team members or kids that have outgrown last season’s garments, will be able to quickly determine best size for their next purchase. As mentioned earlier, there is no minimum order with Beyond-X. Or, if you are confident with the sizing chart without the need for samples, go to step 4.

4. Compile and place your order:

  • Compile the order based on quantity per size and place it with us by calling (800) 223-4448 ext. 226, or by email to We will follow up with a Pro-Forma Invoice.
  • The factory requires prepayment from us before production begins. We, in turn, require prepayment from you, our customer.

  • Payment terms provided on the Pro-Forma Invoice are by check, credit card, ACH (electronic transfer) or PayPal Prices are in US$ FOB our facility in Queensbury, NY.

  • Once the factory delivers to us, we will ship the order to you (delivery to one location). UPS ground shipping rates will apply from here to your door.

5. Reorders:

Repeat #4! Orders can be placed any time of year, and with no minimum order. Production lead times are based on how busy the factory is. Spring and summer are best turnaround, while fall and winter may require longer lead times.

Use our COLOR LAB to choose the color scheme for your garment.
Email the url to
for help locating the url.

You Can Alo View: PDF Catalog - Sizing Chart


Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

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